Welcome. My name is Pontius, and I have the honor of serving as the Master at Villikartano.

I am a Finnish man in my forties, 190 centimeters tall, sporty, tattooed, and masculine. You will find me to be a trustworthy, considerate, and good-smelling gentleman, under whose surface, if necessary, can emerge a tough disciplinarian.

As I am bisexual and a switch, I understand diversity and moving between different roles well. For me, BDSM signifies the freedom to be oneself without the expectations or pressures of the outside world. At its best, it offers complete detachment from everyday life, worries, and stress. It is a journey to deepen self-awareness and to explore one's sexuality and identity.

The role of a Master means not only physical power but also care, communication, and mutual trust. It is important to me to understand your desires and limits so that we can create an experience together that fulfills your expectations. Whether you are a submissive masochist, a humble servant, or a defiant brat, I want to be the Master with whom you can share your secrets and express yourself safely.

All genders and sexualities are welcome to come to me. If you are a first-timer wanting to experience something new, we will proceed gently and tentatively. More experienced veterans will be disciplined with sure hands. With me, you can freely express yourself.

I am not frightened by even the most intense proposals, but understand that our mutual safety (both physical and mental) is paramount.

Please feel free to contact me and share your wishes, so that we can build a session that is just right for you. Here, every limit is an opportunity.

Contact Information:

Master Pontius
+358 (0)45 2042 551
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