Otan työni Dominana vakavasti ja rakennan jokaisen session yksilöllisesti asiakasta varten. Kuuntelen toiveitasi, kunnioitan rajojasi ja pyrin tekemään tapaamisestamme ikimuistoisen.

Olit sitten hakemassa kerran kokeilua tai pidempää asiakkuutta kanssani, otan sinut vastaan kiinnostuneena juuri sinusta ja fantasioistasi. Kanssani voitkin luottavaisesti heittäytyä pauloihini ja unohtaa ulkopuolisen maailman.

Olen pitkä ja näyttävän näköiseksi luonnehdittu Domina. Korkojen kanssa yllän jopa 195cm pituuteen. Leveä hymyni ja kantava ääneni vain lisäävät kykyäni erottua joukosta ja kiinnittää huomiota itseeni. Turhan huutelija en kuitenkaan ole, vaan puhun harkiten ja keskustelukumppania kuunnellen.

Saatatkin yllättyä siitä, että minua on loppujen lopuksi helppo lähestyä. Olen paljon kokenut aikuinen, mutta minusta huokuu leikkisyys ja uuden kokemisen ilo.

Pidän itsestäni huolta terveellisillä elämäntavoilla ja urheilen tangolla tanssien. Sensuelli liikekieli on minulle luontevaa, mutta minussa on myös raju ja eläimellinen puoli. Olen myös mukavuudenhaluinen, sillä se tekee mielelleni hyvää, ja rakastan hemmoteltavana oloa. Tasapaino onkin tärkeää kaikessa.

Olen yksityiselämässäni myös alistuvassa roolissa viihtyvä ja kokenut paljon BDSM:n saralta.

Yhteystiedot/Contact info:

Domina Ajatar
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In English:

I take my job as a Domina seriously and construct each session individually for the client. I will listen to your wishes, respect your boundaries and strive to make our meeting a memorable one. Whether you were looking for a one-time experience or a longer customer relationship with me I will welcome you, interested in you and your fantasies. With me, you can confidently lower yourself into my supremacy and forget about the outside world.

I am a tall and distinguished Domina. With heels I’m up to 195cm in length. My wide smile and audible voice only increase my ability to stand out from the crowd and pay attention to myself. However I am polite and speak thoughtfully, listening to others.

You may be surprised that it is easy to approach me after all. I am a well experienced adult, but I always obtain playfulness and am eager to learn something new.

I take care of myself with a healthy lifestyle and I do pole dancing. Sensual body language is natural to me, but I also have a harsh and animalistic side. I have a desire for indulgence and I love to be pampered. Balance is important in everything. I also enjoy being in a submissive role in my private life and have experienced a lot in the field of BDSM.

"I'm still amazed and dizzy."

"Your professionalism was amazing."

"It felt like I was in safe hands."

"A magnificent experience in every way."

"When the right time comes, I'll definitely be back."

Customer feedback

I am able to offer you a wide range of different sessions, roleplays and scenarios. You don’t have to contact me with a full script as I am great at being intuitive and creative. I do sessions with men, women and non-binary people as well as any gender couples. Duo or trio sessions with another Domme(s) and a submissive male or female are possible.

My services can be for example:
  • Tease and denial: Sensual or sadistic teasing until you are begging me.
  • Impact play / sensory play: I am a master of touching you with different equipment or bare hands. Your reactions are my guide and we can go as far as you endure.
  • Restraining / bondage: Do you want to feel helpless? There are several ways and positions, bags and furniture, ropes and chains.. Imprisonment sessions are available also without other action!
  • Sensual Femdom: You will see that sometimes just a soft touch and a whisper into your ear can do the trick..
  • Degradation / humiliation: I am shameless and very verbal. I love to see you whimper as you perform the tasks I give you. We can add sissification, pet play, human furniture play..
  • S/M: I have a sadistic side and after discussing your limits and safewords, I can bring you the world of pain. My hard limits are needles, blood play and any acts I estimate as being too dangerous or having too little experience to implement safely.
  • Fetishes, worshipping, servitude: What are you into? I enjoy making your fantasies a reality. I can give you permission to touch me but my genitalia is always off-limits.
  • Shopping / Findom: You can carry my bags and we can choose nice clothes for me or both of us, cosmetics, adult toys, etc. Financial domination can be added, or you can give me gifts that we choose together.

Always contact first via email. I answer my phone only by appointment or on working days if not in session.

I’m awaiting your message.